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Superyacht Security Services

Close Protection  VIP Service

Close Protection VIP Service

MAST will ensure that clients enjoy their cruise or visit ashore with complete confidence. Our consultants are from a UK Special Forces background and are experienced in escorting high profile individuals from business, diplomatic and entertainment sectors. We offer complete discretion and absolute confidentiality.



MAST has a team of dedicated security consultants experienced in acting as Company Security Officers for yacht managers, who will be available to deal with all aspects of the vessel's security requirements. MAST can ensure that your vessel is compliant with the ISPS code. We also ensure on-going compliance through a combination of security audits, recommendations, remedial work and training.

Security Transit Service

Security Transit Service

MAST's tailored security transit service embark security personnel and firearms well before the areas of concern to ensure that the crew are fully trained to respond in the event of an incident. Alternatively we offer security operative vessel rendezvous and escort service through high risk areas, ensuring safety without having firearms embarked on the yacht.

Yacht Helpline


MAST has a global network of offices and a 24 hour operations centre offering a simple emergency answering service to respond to Ship Security Alert System or an answer and deployment service to send support team to country of incident. MAST also has the ability to track and monitor yachts and will ensure the vessels whereabouts in known 24/7.

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