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Date: 20 November 2013

Maritime Asset Security & Training’s (MAST) Ltd, the global provider of security for superyachts and commercial shipping vessels, has responded to the latest piracy attacks in the Malacca Strait with the announcement of a representative office opening in Singapore.

The new office, shared by specialist superyacht division, MAST Yacht Security, will enable an efficient level of crisis response while providing a base from which yacht crews in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore can be trained in security awareness and vessel protection by experienced and accredited officers. As well as Training, MAST Yacht Security will use the office to promote its renowned technology, consultancy and security services for superyachts, and their smaller sisters in the South-East Asia region.

The decision to open a new office follows recent attacks that have involved the pirates disabling ships’ electronic systems and moving the vessels to remote locations where they plundered valuables and cargo. MAST’s additional covert tracking and remote monitoring of vessels assists owners and captains to prevent this scenario.

Iain Davie, Head of Sales for MAST Yacht Security stated, “Our intelligence department has been monitoring the area surrounding Singapore for the last couple of months. The latest attack on the 7th November has increased security concerns within the region and highlighted the need to assist captains and their teams to secure their vessels.”

“We work with our clients to implement BIMCO Best Management Practices 4 (BMP 4) and ensure all yachts, not just those governed by ISPS regulatory compliance, are equipped with efficient perimeter protection alert systems, remote monitoring and crews are well trained in risk assessment, contingency planning, and importantly, know how to react in various scenarios.”

Davie concludes, “Worryingly there are many yachts in the region between 24 and 60 metres which do not fall into the ISPS regulatory bracket (that globally enforces security protocols and training) and are consequently at more risk than their bigger sisters. MAST Yacht Security runs unique security awareness training courses and provides technology and monitoring systems designed specifically to protect non ISPS regulated yachts.”

MAST has provided security teams for over 3,500 successful transits in the Indian Ocean over the past three years on superyachts and commercial shipping vessels. It is now one of the world’s most experienced companies in counter piracy, security training and security system technology.

For further information visit: or to meet with Iain Davie, Head of  MAST, Yacht Division, at the METS Trade show, Amsterdam (19 – 21 November 2013), please contact:  00356 79002958 or