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MAST adopts the International Code of Conduct Association standards

Date: 29 October 2015

Leading maritime security company MAST has been granted membership to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers' Association (ICoCA), showing their continuing commitment to complying with fundamental human rights and humanitarian law principles.

Phil Cable, CEO of MAST, said: "The current crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean with the trafficking of refugees from Syria and Libya serves as an example of the real need for a measured and balanced response between human rights and security. One of the original signatories of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC), MAST has always attributed a high priority to ethical standards and, indeed, has taken a leading role in developing these standards for the private security industry."

Cable added: "If security companies are to gain the trust and respect of their clients and the wider public, it is vital that they lead the way in ensuring that the highest ethical standards are adopted and that these standards meet the letter and spirit of international law.
"The complexity of the maritime environment places additional demands on companies like MAST and our adoption of the ICoC standards demonstrate our continuing commitment to complying with the fundamental human rights and humanitarian law principles and standards rightly articulated by them."

MAST has been a signatory to the International Code of Conduct since it was signed in Geneva in December 2010 and has adopted the articles of association as set out in 2014.

The ICoCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative established as a Swiss non-profit association. The Signatory Companies affirm that they have a responsibility to respect the human rights of, and fulfil humanitarian responsibilities towards, all those affected by their business activities, including Personnel, Clients, suppliers, shareholders, and the population of the area in which services are provided.


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